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Organic Gardens
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Organic Gardens

Kentucky Organics offers a wide range of organic gardening services to meet the needs of every green thumb, from master gardeners to beginners looking for help to get started. Our expertise will help you build the garden of your dreams and ensure you and your family reap the benefits of your organic garden year after year.

Custom Organic Vegetable Gardens

Whether you have a custom garden design of your own or want our recomendation for your space, we'll make your custom organic vegetable garden a reality. Soon, you'll be growing healthy, delicious food for your family. 

Butterfly Gardens

Attract butterflies and other pollinators to your yard.

Wildflower Meadows

Like native plant gardens, wildflower meadows are low maintenance and naturally pest- and disease- resistant. They also offer a haven for native wildlife.

Native Plant Gardens

Naturally suited to their environment means native plants are set up to thrive. They save water, are low maintenance, and are pest- and disease- resistant.

Rain Gardens

A beautiful and environmentally-friendly way to collect, store and absorb rain water near runoff sources.

Let Kentucky Organics Build Your Organic Garden

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