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Living Compost Tea
Probiotics for lawns, gardens and landscapes
Our Living Compost Tea probiotic is a mixture of living beneficial microorganisms formulated and optimized in the laboratory by the professionals at Kentucky Organics.  With assistance from a PhD microbiologist, our technique optimizes the growing conditions for a variety of beneficial microorganisms that are the basis of healthy soil in lawns, gardens and landscapes.  Our compost tea probiotic can also be applied directly to plants as a foliar spray, providing protection from diseases such as black spot, downy mildew, and many others.
The microorganisms in our compost tea perform a number of beneficial activities including soil aeration and soil building. They also break down grass clippings into nutrients for your lawn, which eliminates thatch build-up and reduces fertilizer needs. While these activities primarily take place within the soil, and out of view of the human eye, the results can be seen in beautiful, healthy growth.
Living Compost Tea probiotic is the foundation of our organic program because it is essential to building healthy soil. While anyone can aerate a lawn or spread grass seed, without the proper microorganisms living in the soil, the success will be minimal. Our Living Compost Tea will get you the results you want in your lawn, garden and landscape – get started today!

Our Living Compost Tea contains hundreds of different species of living microorganisms shown in the video above. These microorganisms each fulfill a specialized role in building high-quality, nutrient-rich soil capable of growing beautiful, thriving plants.

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