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Building your Garden

We come to your home, investigate the best place to build your garden, and work with you to design the layout and size.



Our garden boxes are made of 100% recycled composite boards, metal stock tanks, landscape block, or natural wood, depending on your preference for type and color.  We will build as many boxes as will fit into your garden area.    
We fill your garden boxes with high-grade topsoil and compost, add a thick layer of mulch over the top, and cover all of the exposed area around your garden boxes with the industry-best ground cover and a thick layer of gravel--pea gravel, river rock, lava rock, crushed limestone, or ken-lite.

We install a quaint little fence or border around your garden--wood, vinyl, landscape block, or 4-inch border--and you are ready to go!













Wait!  Do you need an automatic watering system installed?

Want us to teach Organic Gardening 101 to you in the comfort of your living room?

Need a bi-annual or full-service organic garden maintenance contract?


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