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There are many options for quality organic food, from CSAs to Farmer's Markets, but there is nothing quite like having an organic garden in your own backyard.  

We know your reasons for not having a garden:


"I care about my children's nutrition, but with a full-time job, I just don't have the time."


"I like the idea of gardening, but I hate pulling weeds."


"My health isn't what it used to be and I can't maintain a garden any longer."


"Quality food is important to me, but gardening is just too much work."


"I would like to have an organic garden, but I just don't know what I'm doing"



A low maintenance, above ground garden organic gardening training, and/or a service contract that fits your lifestyle is your answer.


Choose the space in your yard to build your new garden.


Choose the color and size of your garden boxes--100% recycled composite boards, landscape block, metal, or natural wood.


Note:  you can stop here with your attractive and functional garden boxes or you can continue on to design and build your beautiful garden space.   

Choose the type of gravel you would like surrounding your boxes--pea gravel, river rock, lava rock and lots more.


Choose the style and color of the quaint fence surrounding your garden--wood, vinyl, or a landscape block border.


We offer automatic watering services or would you prefer our team to do it in a service contract. of course you can still do it by yourself after we build it 


Gardens start at only $300

"Dr. Storz has worked in sustainable organic gardening for many years and now he brings his knowledge to your backyard."

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